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Has-ki releases single “bitter coffee” in cooperation with KATAOSA COFFEE

Has-ki, a rapper based in Fukuoka Prefecture and active in a variety of genres, has released the single “bitter coffee.

The music was composed by his longtime friend “Co Klout$,” a beat maker who moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo in April, and the music video and jacket were produced with the full cooperation of “kataosa coffee,” a cafe in a housing complex in Kashiihama.

The music video and jacket were produced with the full cooperation of kataosa coffee, a cafe in the Kashiihama complex. The song is a bittersweet and somewhat sad mix of hip-hop, R&B, and j-pop, with the theme of “forget about all the things that are going on and just have a cup of coffee to calm down.


Single「bitter coffee」

Artist: Has-ki

Release Date: 2024.04.24 Link:



A rapper based in Fukuoka, he started freestyling at the age of 14 and began writing songs in earnest at 16. His self-produced music was featured in “Fukuoka Collective” (now SPACE SHOWER FUKUOKA). After changing her name to “Has-ki,” she released “Kapuseru World” in October 2021, which became popular on TikTok. 2022 saw the release of her full album “Normal” and EP “Diary 1,” which was pushed on playlists, LOVE FM, ZIP-FM, bayfm, and other stations. One room” reached No. 2 on the CRJA FUKUOKA chart. In recent years, he has collaborated with ADD CREATIVE, Gerardparman, and others, and performed with Shakaboshi, Cypress Ueno, SONOTA, and others, expanding the boundaries of J-Hiphop while keeping it at the core.


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