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Salmiakki crew releases single “opamp.” with a distortion-infused sound feel

Alternative city rock band Salmiakki crew has released the single “opamp.” release and music video.

The straight-ahead sound with distortion and the lyrics, which were born from words written in Vo Muluai's high school notebook, are said to be full of delicate emotions and boldly demonstrate a powerful groove. The song has already gained popularity at live performances, where it has been played as a standard song.

The music video was shot by Yuri Murai, Muluai's (Vo&Gt) sister, a professional skater and photographer, and edited by Muluai. It shows Muluai performing against the backdrop of important scenes from his teenage years.

In addition, the band will hold a self-organized live concert “Ame” on May 2 at Shimokitazawa THREE, inviting Marie Louise and Doona to commemorate the band's first anniversary. At the venue, goods related to the jacket of “opamp.” will be sold, so check it out.




Artist: Salmiakki crew

Release Date: 2024.04.10

Music Video

Salmiakki crew - 『opamp.(オペアンプ)』Music Video


Salmiakki crew 1st anniversary project “Ame

2024.5.2(Thu)Shimokitazawa THREE

OPEN19:00 / START19:30

ADV ¥3,000 / DOOR ¥3,500(+ 1 drink)

Salmiakki crew

Marie Louise


Salmiakki crew

For reservations


Salmiakki crew

The band started last May, inviting Tatsuro Matsuda (SuiseiNoboAz) on drums, Shota Kaifu (ex:Running into the Night) on bass, and Abby Lowe on guitar as a live band form from the solo activities of Vo&Gt Muruai (Uminote, ex.FILMREEL), who was mainly active on SNS. Under the name of the band, the alternative city rock band “Salmiakki crew” was formed.


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