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Spotify Japan Announces "RADAR: Early Noise 2024," the Next Generation of Artists Expected to Make Breakthrough

We have picked out 10 of this year's hottest groups, including Saba Sister, tuki. and Legend of Divorce. A playlist "RADAR: Early Noise 2024" was also released today to introduce their appeal.

Spotify Early Noise Night # 16," a showcase live performance where you can experience the performances of this year's selected artists as soon as possible, will be held at Spotify O-EAST on Friday, March 15.


Spotify, an audio streaming service used by more than 574 million users worldwide, has selected 10 up-and-coming Japanese artists who are expected to take off this year as "RADAR: Early Noise 2024.

Spotify will actively introduce these 10 artists to music fans in Japan and abroad through playlists, live events, and a variety of content and collaboration projects that introduce the artists' appeal.

RADAR: Early Noise 2024 Selected Artists
  • MFS

  • Masanori Onda

  • Saba Sister


  • jo0ji


  • tuki.

  • Toaka

  • jo0ji

  • First Love is Never Returned

  • Rikondensetsu

Now in its eighth year, Early Noise was launched in Japan in 2017 with the aim of introducing music fans to the music and appeal of up-and-coming artists who will lead the next generation through playlists and various other features, and to support them in expanding their listener base. In spring 2020, the program will evolve into "RADAR: Early Noise" in conjunction with "RADAR," a global program that introduces artists to music fans around the world.

Through this program, the program has so far featured Aimyon, King Gnu, It Should Always Be Midnight, Vaundy, Fujii, and more. Vaundy, Kaze Fujii, and various other artists have gained many new listeners and stepped up to become national artists.

The "RADAR: Early Noise 2024" list, which reflects changes in music trends brought about by the spread of streaming and social networking services, includes 10 artists from a variety of fields, including bands, singer-songwriters, and hip-hop, who have transcended conventional frameworks to create unique works. The 10 artists have been selected from a variety of fields including bands, singer-songwriters, and hip-hop.

In conjunction with the announcement of the "RADAR: Early Noise 2024" artists, Spotify will host an event called "RADAR: Early Noise 2024," an official playlist of their songs, as well as an interview with music concierge Fukuryu and Spotify's music department representatives to discuss the artists selected and the appeal of their music. In addition, "Spotify RADAR: Early Noise 2024 Music+Talk Edition," a Music+Talk program *Note, in which the artists selected for the program and Spotify's music division representatives discuss the appeal of the music, will be released on March 15 (Tue.).

In addition, the first "Spotify Early Noise Night # 16" will be held at Spotify O-EAST (Shibuya, Tokyo) on March 15 (Fri.), and three of the artists selected for 2024, jo0ji, First Love is Never Returned, The event will also feature performances by three of last year's selected artists, jo0ji, First Love is Never Returned, and Legend of Divorce. The event will also feature Furui Riho, who was selected last year and whose latest song "LOA" is currently making many hit playlists. More artists will be added to the lineup in the future.

Advance tickets for the live concert will be available on e-plus ( from noon on 1/11. The "Early Noise Night # 16" playlist, which will be linked to the event, will allow the audience to enjoy the music of the artists prior to the live performance.

RADAR: Early Noise 2024" corner URL

RADAR: Early Noise 2024" playlist URL

Early Noise Night # 16" playlist URL:

Music + Talk" is a new format of audio content in which music and talk can be enjoyed together in a single program, and using Anchor, an audio content production and distribution application provided by Spotify, anyone can easily create content like a radio program by combining recorded talk with the more than 100 million songs available on Spotify. Anchor, Spotify's app for creating and distributing audio content, allows anyone to easily create radio show-like content by combining recorded talk with the more than 100 million songs available on Spotify.

<RADAR: Early Noise 2024 Artists>


A Tokyo-born, Osaka-based rapper and member of the Osaka-based HipHop collective Tha Jointz, he began rapping in 2020 and released a song only a year after starting out, which was a hit, and has appeared on RedBull's "RASEN" and at Japan's largest HipHop festival "POP YOURS". He has also been offered the opportunity to model for PUMA.

In 2022, his song "BOW" was used in the globally popular game "Overwatch 2" and charted in 45 countries and regions on Spotify's viral chart. Charting in 45 countries and territories worldwide. The song reached #1 in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and the global viral charts, making BOW the first Japanese artist ever to achieve this feat.

The single "Combo" is scheduled to be released on January 24th with Kyoto-based producer Stones Taro.

Masanori Onda

A 20-year-old solo artist from Kyoto, Japan. Currently enrolled in music college.

In 2021. first distributed "Aiuta" in the summer of his 18th year, which ranked in the Spotify Viral Chart Top 50 for over 40 days.

October of the following year. Wedding," written for his sister's wedding, became a smash hit. Requests to play it at the wedding are still pouring in.

In July 2023, "fake face dance music" was released and ranked in the top 10 of the Oricon Annual Ranking 2023 in the sales category by artist, newcomer ranking, and other charts. Her clear voice and music are gradually spreading through social networking services.

Saba Sister

A three-piece girls' band formed in March 2022, consisting of Nachi (Vo/Gt), GK (Dr), and Ruminasu (Gt). Their songs and live performances are appealing, with lyrics and melodies spun from Nachi's unique sensibilities and words, and have a universality and originality at the same time.

They first performed at SUMMER SONIC just 5 months after their formation, and their straightforward and honest live performance attracted much attention. Since then, they have performed at numerous major festivals and circuit events in Japan. One year after their formation, their tour was sold out immediately at all venues, and their popularity and attention are growing at an unprecedented speed. Their first full-length album "Be Prepared! to be released on March 8 (Saba Day) this year.


Born in Tokyo in 1998, he released his 2nd mixtape "nobori - Uphill" in March 2023, and self-produced 6 songs. He also demonstrates his multi-skills in terms of production.

His unique lyricism, which moves between surreal and cool, and his floating flow have been highly acclaimed for their one-of-a-kind worldview, and have been attracting a lot of attention. In addition to the release of his latest ep "noodle" in December, he has also been remarkably active as a guest performer, with the song "DOSHABURI feat. JUMADIBA (Prod. Chaki Zulu)" with kZm a viral hit, and the song "Get Back feat. JUMADIBA & Watson" with ralph was a hit.


jo0ji (George) / 24 / From Tottori / Belongs to SonyMusic Artists

He started his activities by releasing "Fuyun ni Hana" on YouTube, which he created for a friend. He continued to write songs for his friends and released his first EP "475" in September 2023.

His lyrics are universal and somewhat letter-like, rooted in the radius of family, friends, and his own life.

He usually creates songs on the piano. He writes lyrics and composes music himself.

He has a multifaceted sense of creativity, and also creates illustrations and original guitars.

His father is a fisherman. He also works at a local fishing port while working as an artist.


The group was formed in the fourth grade, but disbanded in the fifth grade because all the members were guitarists. Later, one of the members became interested in Latin American music and studied at the University of Havana, Cuba. He studied congas there and learned the rhythm pattern "cho co pa co cho cho co quin quin.

Two years ago, they reunited and are currently exploring music that adds fake shamanism to percussion-based electronic music. On Instagram they are known as the Ableton Gang.


The mysterious singer-songwriter tuki. (Tuki) suddenly appeared on the scene.

She began posting her songs on SNS at the age of 13, and made her debut with "Supper Song" on September 29, 2023.

She quickly made her mark on various charts, ranking 5th (the highest) on the "Billboard Japan Hot 100," and was No. 1 on Spotify's "Viral Top 50 - Japan" for 9 consecutive days, gaining 1.65 million monthly listeners. Her "I tried singing" videos, which combine her overwhelming vocal ability and expressiveness, have been a hot topic on social networking services, and have received a total of over 75 million views on major streaming services in just three months since her debut.

The music video for "Supper Song - Dokitari-ver.", which was released without warning, surpassed 1 million views in 9 days, and has now recorded over 11 million views.

The identity of the singer is shrouded in secrecy, with only the information that she is a "junior high school junior" and "15 years old" being revealed.


Born in 2003, she is a current college student and singer-songwriter.

She was selected as the theme song vocalist for the movie "Suzume no tojikomari" (directed by Makoto Shinkai), which will be released in 2022, after she posted a video on TikTok of herself playing a song she had shot in her closet. Her voice is sacred, with a sense of eternal flow of wind that seems to exist even after thousands of years. She has a mysterious charm, with a girlish innocence, melancholy, and a fading appearance that she sometimes shows. Her natural talent, which can be said to be a gem in the rough, has attracted Yojiro Noda and director Makoto Shinkai, and her voice has resonated around the world.

In July 2023, she made her major label debut on EMI Records with the single "Ashikaburi," produced by Yojiro Noda of RADWIMPS, for which she wrote the lyrics and composed the music herself.

Driven by the feelings of unrequited and unfulfilled youth, Jumyo's music, with its beauty and poignancy, is a sharp cut and drawn from a slightly cold perspective as it moves back and forth between reality and fiction.

First Love is Never Returned

First Love is Never Returned is a five-piece band formed in 2018 by Kazuki Ishida, who has experience studying abroad in New York, that plays "pop music". A 5-piece band from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, formed in 2018 with Kazuki Ishida, who has studied abroad in NY, at the core.

They restarted in December 2022 after a 2-year hiatus due to the Corona disaster. Despite being completely unknown, the band was immediately selected by various distribution platforms for inclusion in their official playlists, attracting attention not because of social networking buzz, but because of the pure quality of their sound. They are also proud to be a band that grew up in live music clubs, and their emotional live performances that go beyond their sound recordings have also become their hallmark.

As one of the hottest bands in 2024, they will finally make a full-fledged entry into the scene with their unrivaled "singing voice in love".


In January 2022, the band started with two members, Ayumi Matsuda (Vo.) and Jun Beppu (Gt.).

The band's name is derived from the Japanese title of "Here My Dear," a famous album released by Marvin Gaye in 1978, which is famous for its private novel-like content.

The band self-produces the creative aspects of both sound and video, and their taste and friendliness have quickly caught the attention of early listeners through word of mouth on social networking sites, radio, and live performances.

The sound of the band has a variety of roots, but they share a common desire to keep it "pop music," and the consistent theme of "love" is depicted in their music.

Their unique performances, featuring the sweet, mellow, high tone voice of the vocalist Matsuda and the inexhaustible guitar playing of the guitarist Beppu, have sold out every event they have appeared at, and are showing signs of becoming a new "legend" in the scene. His high quality sound is constantly attracting listeners, and he is becoming well-known as a good music creator representing 2025.


Spotify Early Noise Night # 16

Date: March 15, 2023 (Fri.) Open 17:30 / Start 18:30

Venue: Spotify O-EAST (2-14-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Featuring: jo0ji/ First Love is Never Returned/ Furui Riho/ Divorce Legend / and more!

Price: ¥3,000- (tax included / standing / numbered)

   Ticket at the door ¥3,500- (tax included / standing / numbered)

1 drink is required in addition to the admission fee.

Ticket sales: e-plus

Tickets go on sale at noon on Thursday, January 11.

Note: Tickets are non-refundable due to cancellation or change of performers.

     No admission for preschool children

Contact: Creative Man Production 03-3499-6669

Exclusive offers for Spotify Premium users

Spotify Premium users will receive special offers at the Spotify Early Noise Night. Details will be announced later.

Spotify Premium users will receive one additional drink upon presentation of the app at the reception desk upon entry.


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