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A new form of netlabel for indies

Established February 2020

Place of activity Fukuoka Tokyo Online

Representative Ryosuke Akakin

Business content Management of music, master production of CDs, discovery, training and management of artists and creators, production of music software and products


To spread new music from the net

This label is a new net label that is different from corporations and supports mainly indie artists.

Originally, the label has provided a place where you can scout and play an active role in major artists. However, it is difficult for artists who are active as amateur indies to spread music by themselves.

Therefore, we will support the related businesses so that the artists can concentrate on music production and live performances.

We can support most music activities such as music distribution / streaming, CD production / sales, artist photography, MV distribution management, mix mastering, artwork / homepage design, etc. However, since each service is used, it is not suitable for artists who can do it by themselves. In addition, although usage fees for various services will be incurred, we will do our best to benefit the artist as much as possible without making any additional requests from the label. Please contact us for detailed costs.

I feel that it is quite effective for new artists to use the title of FTZ records to work. If you like, let's spread the music with us! Feel free to chat or contact us at the bottom right!

Features Features

Four features unique to the project

Wide range of offers

To you from various fields

From free services for amateurs to paid professional level support, we offer a wide range of creators who have contracted with the label to their artists.

Minimum necessary burden

Without being caught in profit

Because it is a project, not a legal entity, we do not demand more money than we need. In addition, the supporters are made up of recruitment of volunteers, aiming for music that is not bound by profits. In addition, there are some free services.

Reliable support

Unique to FTZ records

You can use various services that cannot be done with a normal net label, and consult with the artist to decide on the best service. In addition, we can provide thorough support up to the strategy.

For a good opportunity to appeal

To those who aim to be a major

We do not impose an artist's purpose. We accept a wide range of people from those who just want to enjoy music to those who want to play an active part in the front line of majors. If necessary, we will work with you on a strategy for a major label, and if you no longer need this label, there are no penalties.


Subscription delivery

CD making and sales

Online support

Creator inquiry

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