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"Mood Playlist” video content of music by okkaaa x KOKUYO ME

KOKUYO ME is a series of stationery products sold by KOKUYO CO., LTD. that add a sense of accessory color to everyday life.

The “World with # KOKUYOME,” a work-related background music video with music and looping animation inspired by the world of each color, was released on YouTube and Spotify on April 10, 2024. It contains a total of 20 songs that match the sporty “Fair Play” image. The playlist is filled with a variety of moods, from up-tempo to chill pop, and is suitable for a wide range of scenes from studying to working out.

The music is composed by okkaaa, a Kayac employee and active musician who has been called a “DIY artist of the Z generation,” and conveys the appeal and worldview of “KOKUYO ME” not only visually but also aurally.

In conjunction with the release of the video, an Instagram giveaway campaign will also be held at the same time, with a drawing for a four-color set of illustration stickers and a “KOKUYO ME” stationery set.


YouTube 作業用BGM「#KOKUYOMEのある世界 」- Music by okkaaa

This video is a “Mood Playlist,” which consists of four looping animations that change in time with the music evoked by the four colors of “Fair Play. A “mood playlist” is a playlist that plays music genres of various moods. This video is a playlist filled with music in various moods to evoke four moods from a four-color worldview and also to be enjoyed in active scenes, and will be available on YouTube and Spotify. Of course, as before, the sounds of KOKUYO ME stationery are also used in the songs. The soothing and danceable songs with comfortable beats can be listened to while studying and working, as well as while running, working out, and in many other situations.

The animation for “The World with # KOKUYO ME” depicts an outside situation where a girl, who also appeared in the previous “The Room with # KOKUYO ME,” is outside sketching and reading her notebook. The slowly changing scenery, the movement of the girl's cat, and the “hidden cat” are also noteworthy. The project is a reflection of the idea that “KOKUYO ME” will color, enrich, and accompany people's lives in every scene.


KOKUYO ME” is a series that ”makes you more me than you are now. The series has been designed to “make you more like me” by incorporating functional yet trend-setting colors, materials, and finishes. 2023 saw the introduction of “Deep Nature,” a subdued color scheme inspired by nature and natural materials, while 2024 will feature “Fair Play” and “BRIGHT SAND,” which will encourage a positive, active mindset in a year of heightened sports momentum. The year 2024 will feature a total of four colors, “BRIGHT SAND,” “POOL BLUE,” “TARTAN RED,” and “TENNIS,” which will encourage an active, positive mindset in a year of heightened sports momentum.

Since its launch in 2019, KOKUYO ME has been updated with functional, trend-setting colors, materials, and finishes in its design under the concept of “Life Accessories.

The new “Fair Play” color palette for the 2024 edition is designed to encourage an active, positive mindset that makes you want to get outside, and the color scheme is based on trendy colors used in fashion and interior design. The palette is available in four sporty and exciting colors: POOL BLUE, BRIGHT SAND, TARTAN RED, and TENNIS.

In addition to the standard notebooks and writing instruments, Spring-Summer limited editions are also available. The lineup includes “Clip Notebook,” which can be used like a notebook, easily inserting and removing copy paper and documents without making holes, “Correction Tape” that matches the ruled line width and paper color of Campus Notebook, “Portable Scissors” with a sliding blade, “Portable Stapler” that folds into a compact size, etc. The lineup includes “portable scissors” with blades that slide in and out, and “portable staplers” that fold compactly. By combining colors, you can express your personality.

Product Outline

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (excluding consumption tax)

 Standard products: Soft ring notebook (A5) 460 yen, notebook (A5) 420 yen, 2-way marking pen 200 yen (4-color assortment 800 yen), mechanical pencil 700 yen, gel ink ballpoint pen 240 yen

 SS limited items: Clip notebook (A4) 780 yen, correction tape (B line) 280 yen, portable scissors 980 yen, portable stapler 690 yen, flat pouch 1,500 yen



Giveaway Campaign for Illustration Stickers and KOKUYO ME Stationery

A set of four illustration stickers will be given away to 100 winners by drawing. In addition, by commenting on the reel in question, two people will win a one-tone set of KOKUYO ME stationery in the same color as the reel (for a total of eight winners).

Application period: Wednesday, April 10, 2024 to Tuesday, April 30, 2024

<How to apply for a set of 4 stickers>

Entry method: Follow the official KOKUYO ME Instagram account (@kokuyome_official) and like the relevant post during the campaign period to complete the entry.

<How to apply for the stationery set of each color

To apply: Follow the official KOKUYO ME Instagram account (@kokuyome_official) and comment on the relevant reel post to complete the application.

(*Two winners of each color of “POOL BLUE”, “BRIGHT SAND”, “TARTAN RED” and “TENNIS” will be selected for a total of eight winners.

<KOKUYO ME promotion staff comments>

In 2023, we released the “Room with # KOKUYO ME” with the hope that people will enjoy living with KOKUYO ME even more through the Lo-Fi video, which is often used in study and work scenes. In 2024, based on the active image of the theme color “Fair Play,” we will release “Mood Play,” which includes a variety of songs that can be listened to not only when studying or working, but also in various situations such as sports. The “Mood Playlist” was created to include a variety of songs that can be listened to in various situations, such as sports as well as study and work.

We hope you will enjoy the movements of the cat in the animation, the active nature of sports, and the sounds of stationery in the songs.



Born in 1999, artist and writer.

Self-produced artist with various aspects of creativity centered on being a musician. Her voice and lyrics are characterized by a pleasant whispers and resonance, and she can be heard in various genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and gospel music. In addition to creating music, he also self-produces music videos, music jackets, websites, and everything else. With a fluid and borderless artistry, okkaaa maintains an independent stance while bardically traversing the current scene, expressing himself both visually and aurally.

<Comments on the project>

This work has a different taste from the previous lo-fi mood, making you want to go outside. We worked on this song during the cold winter season, imagining the warm mood of the coming spring. Please listen to it while basking in the pleasant sunlight and warm breeze. And of course, please listen to it with KOKUYO ME.


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