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kim taehoon releases “disco friend,” a disco tune with even more populism than ever before.

Singer/trackmaker kim taehoon, born in Korea, raised in Tokyo, and a graduate of the University of Tokyo, release his new song “Disco Friend” on June 12, 2024 (Wednesday).

This second release in 2024 is a fully pop-oriented disco tune that will tickle music lovers' childhood memories.

The song titles are overwhelmingly catchy, and the melodies and lyrics are even more impressive than ever, once you hear them, they will not leave your ears. The funky grooves are also very comfortable and make you want to dance. It is a song that is full of kim taehoon's pop style, where you can be silly at times and enjoy the sound without thinking about anything.

There are people who are too shy to be cool at clubs and live houses (Kim himself), people who try to be cool to be popular (Kim himself), people who get swept up in the atmosphere (Kim himself), people who get drunk and do weird dance moves (Kim himself), and so on. The message from kim taehoon is that if you find a song that you like, you should take your mental steps. If you find a song you like, take your mental steps.

In addition, special photos and a hilarious video shot for this album will be released in due course.




Aritst:kim taehoon

Release Date:2024/06/12(Wed.)


kim taehoon

Singer/trackmaker born in Korea, raised in Tokyo, and graduated from the University of Tokyo.

He started his career in 2019 and released his 1st EP “BOY” in 2020. With her roots in storm, her music is based on funk, R&B, neo-soul, house, etc., but sublimated into pop. The sound expressed without being bound by genres ranges from cool and city-like to loose and cute, and is pleasantly combined with catchy melodies that shine with a unique pop sense, lyrics that are easy on the ears, and loose rapping. They have also garnered attention for their collaborations with overseas artists and sound production for SSW.


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