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Yu Eguchi, who has expressed RubberPop through a wide variety of songs, releases single “Dogman".

After a year of expressing RubberPop through a wide variety of songs, Yu Eguchi's first digital single “Dogman” will be released on June 12, 2024.

This up-tempo exotic number boldly depicts love and greed with a rock band and horn ensemble. The string section, which is always used in Yu Eguchi's arrangements, is absent this time, and a horn section is used for the first time. The band sound with the iconic wah guitar and horns is very gorgeous, and the D section suddenly becomes a bizarre sound space combining quiet jazz parts, beats, and synth bass. Once again, the lyrics were written and arranged by Yu Eguchi himself, and the lyrics are lighthearted with their pop wordplay and interesting wordplay.

The music video for this work features a unique combination of desert and maiko. While the lyrics had not yet been composed, only the arrangement of the D section was completed first, and the music video was created while imagining “a desert in the evening with a maiko and myself lying in bed, with the spotlight shining only on the two of us. This backward-looking production method is exactly what Yuu Eguchi stands for in his Rubber Pop.




Artist:Yu Eguchi / 江口侑

Release Date:2024/06/12


江口侑 / Yu Eguchi

Born February 27, 1998 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

A next-generation creative artist who directs his own lyric writing, arranging, and even music video production, and continues to produce lyrical lyrics and humorous songs.

He has been exposed to music and art since his childhood, and while studying at the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts, he studied composition and arrangement of spatial audio/theatrical version music. His distinctive features are a mid-bass tone full of sentimental tenderness and a natural falsetto that seems to slip through the air. His music is Rubber Pop, a new type of pop music that can be transformed into any form.


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