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KOMONO LAKE, who has a diverse background in Taiwan, London, and Tokyo, releases "Silence" with a...

KOMONO LAKE, a three-piece unit with diverse backgrounds, will release “Silence” on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.


The lyrics were co-written by Kanbin and Heine, a singer-songwriter from Tokyo who is trilingual and is known for providing lyrics to Aile The Shota and iScream, and the lyrics are a mix of English and Japanese. This song is characterized by a beautiful melody and glittering synth sound that somehow reminds you of the frustration of encounters and partings and the neon streets at night. Be sure to check out the artwork created using AI tools based on photos taken by the members.

After the release of the 1st album "SUNSHOWER" in 2022, the Taiwan tour in January 2023, and the release of two singles: "Spring Desert" in April and "One By One" in May, we will further deepen our musical expression. A work that makes you feel. We can't take our eyes off KOMONO LAKE's future movements.

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Delivery date: Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Distribution link (Pre-add / Pre-save possible): https://KOMONOLAKE.lnk .to/SilenceTW

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A three-piece unit with diverse backgrounds = KOMONO LAKE. Formed in 2021 by Kanbin, a singer living in Taiwan who also works as an illustrator, SKYTOPIA, a producer from London who is also known as former Kero Kero Bonito, and Kuroji, a bassist who also does support work for Night Tempo and others. Their musical style is influenced by city pop, Showa songs, and Soul/R&B, and their borderless activities are based in Tokyo and Taiwan.

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