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LINE MUSIC Announces "NEXT SPIKES," a New Project to Select Next-Generation Artists with Promising Future Careers


LINE MUSIC has launched "NEXT SPIKES," a new project to power-push next-generation artists who are expected to be active in the future.

A questionnaire survey was conducted among 10- to 20-somethings and College Radio Japan (CRJ), a student organization, to select the artists, and as a first step, five groups were selected as "NEXT SPIKES. The company plans to release a playlist, new song introductions, and other attractive programs with the selected artists in the future.


Artists selected for "NEXT SPIKES" Vol. 1

  • 梓川 (Azusagawa)

  • ガラクタ (Garakuta)

  • むト (Muto)

  • 紫 今 (Murasakiima)

  • Lavt

梓川 (Azusagawa)

With her presence and lustrous voice tone, she sings songs from all genres and has captured the hearts of many listeners.

She began her music career in 2020, and her cover videos and vocal collaborations with vocalists on Vocaloid P songs have brought her to the attention of many, and she continues to steadily increase her presence.

<Comments from the survey>

  • The up-tempo tone of the song matches the vocalist's voice quality. Also, it has an addictive quality that a band does not have. (Male).

  • I thought the melody when entering the chorus and the singer's voice was very memorable and clear. I also thought the lyrics of the chorus were cool and matched the voice. (Male)

  • I thought the lyrics of the chorus were cool and suited his voice. I was impressed by the tone of the song, which drew me in with a single phrase. (Female)

ガラクタ (Garakuta)

A four-piece rock band from Nagoya formed in 2022 and rapidly gaining popularity.

With lyrics that are life-size and grab the hearts of their generation, and a reputation for their live performance, they are expected to do well in the future.

Haru (Vo & Gt) / Kota (Gt) / Hiroto (Ba) / Chujo (Dr)

Many listeners of the Z generation can relate to the lyrical world of social networking and love. Their songs "I love you, but you're not enough" and "You're my addict" have become viral hits on TikTok and other music distribution services.

<Comments from the survey>

  • The music had a sense of speed. The rhymes were very catchy and memorable. (Male)

  • The lyrics are something I can relate to. The lyrics are something I can relate to and put myself in the song. It was fresh to hear the heavy love lyrics on the bright melody of a classic coming-of-age rock song. (Female)

  • I really liked the rhythm of the song and the feeling of the voice. I thought it was a song that could go both ways, whether you are in high spirits or want to relax, and that it would stay in your head. (Female)

むト (Muto)

A new generation artist whose transparent voice has been supported by many, especially the younger generation, and is now attracting a lot of attention.

She started her activities in January 2018 and has been posting cover videos and storytelling videos on YouTube and SNS since the start of her activities, and also participates in various collaborations and features in addition to her solo activities.

<Comments from the survey>

  • Her clear and clear voice was very soothing to me. (Male).

  • Her sound is pleasant and addictive at the same time. It's not ordinary. The bouncing sound of the chorus is pleasant. (Female)

  • I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the tempo, and I liked the singing voice. (Female)

紫 今 (Murasakiima)
紫 今

New Generation Creator

Shi Ima is a 21-year-old female creator who writes lyrics, composes, and arranges all her own music, and even produces video editing and illustrations. She has a husky, powerful, and delicate voice, as well as a high tone voice, including a whistle voice.

<Comments from the survey>

  • I thought she would be supported by a wide range of music lovers, not only those who listen to bands, but also those who always listen to hip-hop, idol songs, and vocaloids, as she has an atmosphere that would appeal to a wide range of people. (Male)

  • The intro sounded like an orchestra, so I thought the violin would continue as the main part of the song, but the rhythmic, urban sound of the music was very interesting and addictive. (Female)

Lavt (Rauto)

Current university student artist, multi player who also writes lyrics and arranges music all by himself.

Started playing the bass guitar when he was in the second grade of elementary school. He posted an original vocaloid song under the name "Ao Toru" and it ranked second in the weekly ranking. Currently, he mainly produces music under the name of "Laut" (pronounced "Lavt"), which is an Indonesian translation of his real name, "Umi".

<Comments from the survey>

  • I was instantly made to feel nostalgic. It reminded me of the J-Rock taste and light band sound that I had left behind while HIP HOP and dance music were rising along with idleness. (Male)

  • The guitar riff is effective from the introduction, and combined with the powerful drums, the rhythm flows with a sense of speed. The melody and lyrics on top of it were also pleasant and well-worded. (Female)

  • I liked that it had a lazy atmosphere. I would like to play it all the time when I am on holiday, but the chorus part is good to stay in my ears. (Female)

Survey supported by College Radio Japan (CRJ), a student organization


LINE MUSIC" is one of the largest music streaming services in Japan that allows users to listen to more than 100 million songs from a wide range of genres, both Japanese and Western, anytime, anywhere, according to their mood or situation. In addition to "listening" to songs, users can enjoy "listening, watching, and singing" by watching music videos (music videos) and using the karaoke function. In addition to the industry's fastest*1 real-time ranking, which shows the "current" state of music, users can find music to suit their mood in the "playlist," a collection of popular songs by theme, such as hits from "back then" and the seasons. In addition, through the linkage with LINE, users can set their favorite songs to their LINE profiles and talk rooms, and through the linkage with LINE Stamp Premium, paid users of LINE MUSIC can use the applicable LINE Stamps for free. Furthermore, in order to provide opportunities for artists and fans to get closer, original events and gift campaigns for LINE MUSIC paying users*2 are planned on a regular basis.

1 "Real-time ranking" is calculated hourly.

2 Includes users who are currently on a free trial.


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