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luv, which has garnered attention for its out-of-the-ordinary taste and sound, releases "R.Wiseman" as a compilation album for the music event CONNECTION!

luv, a band with roots in funk, R&B, hip-hop, and other genres, has released a new song, "R. Wiseman," today.

The band "luv" started in June 2023 and is based in Osaka, Japan. luv's members have their roots in black music, but also cross genres such as J-Pop and alternative music, and their out-of-the-box sense of taste, sound, and passion for performance have attracted attention from live house booking staff and event organizers.

Their out-of-the-ordinary sense, sound, and passion for performance have attracted attention mainly from live house booking staff and event organizers.

The new song "R.Wiseman" is the band's third release, and was released as part of a compilation released by CONNECTION, an event that brings together up-and-coming new generation artists.

The song combines a sweet groove with soothing vocals, making it a perfect fit for the bedroom.

The band is also scheduled to perform at the CONNECTION live event at Niyoda FEVER in February. We hope you will experience the exciting music on the compilation and in the live performance.




Release Date: Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Track List

  1. luv/ R.Wiseman

  2. HALLEY/ Clear Mind

  3. Doona/ J-NET JACK

  4. Guiba/ほつれ



Venue: Niyoda FEVER

OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00

Ticket ¥2000 (+1drink not included)

Featuring: luv / Doona / CheChe / Fuki Kitamura

Ticket information:



Launched in June 2023. Kansai-based 5-piece band.

The band has attracted attention from early-earning listeners immediately after its launch with its out-of-the-ordinary sense of music and sound that combines the roots of black music with the catchiness of J-POP and a unique sense of language.

The band's live performances are uniquely groovy and passionate, with an addictive quality that makes you want to go to their shows over and over again.


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